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Total Solutions. One Monthly Bill. Once Number to Call.
  • Significantly improve telecom Infrastructures.
  • Consolidate billing for all providers and locations.
  • Manage entire network from one easy to use portal.
  • Save considerable amount in total telecom MRC.

Common Sense Definition

Sound and prudent judgement based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

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'Plug and Pray'

Isn't Our Style

When it comes to hosted voice, we don't follow the 'Plug and Pray' model: Provisioning hardware and shipping to customers, hoping and praying that it works when it shows up. This practice isn't only lazy, but it oozes a high level of incompetence.

In-House Engineering

We own the switch and continuously performs exhaustive testing, to ensure best-in-class service at all times. 

Product Installation

With over 51,000 successful installations under our belt, you can expect a smooth and timely install each and every time.

Customer Support

Whether it’s an issue with voice, internet, SD-WAN, or failover, you’ll have ONE number to call for all related issues. 

“The MBA Portal is a telecom game changer, especially for a multi-location enterprise. Whether you have 5 locations or 5,000, it completely streamlines the billing and network management for all locations from one user interface!”
Bobby Stutzman
Founder, SharpLink


The Mission Control behind your multi-Location enterprise.
Why MBA Is Different
  • Gain visibility to make more strategic decisions.
  • Secure and efficient end-to-end management.
  • Identify areas of opportunity to reduce costs.
  • Invoice management and billing history.
  • BI that yields actionable data and much more.
What’s In It For You?
  • Save time, streamline and simplify billing ops with one monthly invoice.
  • Shred the costs of installing and maintaining a TEM system.
  • Reduce the hassle and confusion of managing multiple telecom providers.
  • Gain access to account management for all telecom solutions by location.
  • Proactively monitor and manage issues for all locations from one portal.

Maximum Features, Minimal Costs

Scalable Communications.
What You Can Expect
  • Customized and integrated voice and data services to your multi-location enterprise.
  • Secure and efficient end-to-end management. Hosted IP PBX is an increasingly popular solution that allows you to evolve into the latest communication technologies without the hassle of managing or maintaining an on-premise PBX.
  • Identify areas of opportunity to reduce costs.
  • Invoice management and billing history.
  • BI that yields actionable data and much more.

Connectivity Expertise

At Its Finest

As an expert in managing multi-location voice and data, we can assist you in wrapping your arms around your broadband requirements. Whether you need DSL, Cable, T1, or Ethernet, we've got you covered.


Cable internet provides high-speed connectivity available throughout the US and is ideal for businesses with locations that require faster download than upload speeds.


A DS3 (T3) circuit provides maximum performance and service availability with superior service level agreements and support levels.


DSL gives you high-performance connectivity with speed, reliability, uptime and service repair guarantees well-suited for smaller businesses or locations.


Business Ethernet offers low latency and higher bandwidths at a lower cost than a Bonded T1 and is a cost-effective and reliable way to scale and support your demanding bandwidth needs.


Fixed Wireless can be used as a primary connection or as a managed failover solution for your existing Ethernet, T1, Broadband or Fiber service.

SharpLink SD-WAN

Like Nothing You've Seen Before

  • Your enterprise wide area network is experiencing business and technical demands driven by the proliferation of critical applications, cloud services and mobile devices. SharpLink addresses these demands by reliably expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications and enabling seamless services insertion.
  • SharpLink delivers low cost bandwidth, investment protection, expanded bandwidth, increased throughput, greater reliability, exceptional application performance and better access to cloud applications and services.
  • Transform inexpensive broadband Internet into an enterprise grade secure WAN without a data center headend while improving the performance of your existing WAN.
  • Maximize throughput, reliability and performance of private MPLS and broadband Internet with application steering and link impairment remediation technologies.
  • And much more!
4G Failover

*Fully Integrated With SharpLink SD-WAN

Maximize Revenue

Minimize Downtime. Improve The Customer Experience.

Round-the-clock, uninterrupted network connectivity is an absolute requirement in today’s world of cloud-connected systems and always-online technologies.

We ensure a reliable, immediate failover option for your network – regardless of space or budget constraints. We provide value and peace of mind to any business: your Internet stays up – even when your primary link is down.

The average cost of an unplanned outage is over $100K per hour for Enterprises. Whether you’re a growing business or an established enterprise, we offer a viable LTE solution to your networking issues (*Source: Rand Group Insights).

We are heavily reliant on an always-online network for cloud-connected programs for our day-to-day, and other failover options are either expensive or just as unreliable in the long run. Have peace of mind in knowing that BullsEye is a cost-effective choice for failover, with the ruggedness and versatility to be a reliable 24/7 failsafe for a primary network.
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