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Best MPLS Alternative

Replace or enhance your MPLS to achieve faster cloud connectivity and significantly lower TCO.
SharpLink Content Caching

Content Caching

Dramatically reduce connectivity costs and significantly improve overall network performance.
SharpLink Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection

Locate, identify, reroute, block and control every data packet coming in and leaving your network.
SharpLink Managed Wifi

Managed Wi-Fi

Fully integrated. Improve customer loyalty and employee productivity, controlled from One Pane of Glass.
SharpLink SD-WAN Failover

Built-In Failover

Internet connectivity is critical for business. Downtime is extremely disruptive and very costly.
SharpLink WAN Aggregation

WAN Aggregation

Load balance the traffic of up to 13 Internet links and route data using eight intelligent algorithms.
SharpLink SD-WAN Analytics

Analytics & Reporting

From ISP accountability, to device usage and user demographics, know what’s going on with your network in real-time.
SharpLink SD-WAN Drop In Mode

Drop-In Mode

Allows SharpLink SD-WAN to be deployed in a network without making any changes to your existing network devices.
SharpLink SD-WAN Application Performance

App Performance

Easily improve performance of all business critical applications hosted in the cloud or on-premise.
SharpLink SD-WAN Cloud

Cloud Agnostic

Whether you prefer Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS, we’ve got you covered.
SharpLink Unified Communication

Unified Communication

From ISP accountability, to device usage and user demographics, know what’s going on with your network in real-time.
SharpLink SD-WAN 5G

5G Wireless

We are ready to propel customers into the 5G-era featuring innovative modular platform architecture for different use cases.

Sample Global Markets


Lightning Fast Content Delivery
Stable Connectivity
Cost Savings


Built-In LTE Failover
PCI Compliance
Guest WiFi
Unbreakable VoIP

Public Safety

Bandwidth Bonding: Commercial LTE & Private LTE
Optimal Coverage
Solid Reliability
High Bandwidth


Remotely Monitor Patients in Real-Time
Monitor Vital Signs
Deliver Life-Saving Information Before the Ambulance Arrives

M2M & IoT

Prioritize Business Critical Applications
Zero-Touch Deployments
Packet-Level VPN
PCI Compliance


Passenger WiFi
Rider Insights & Analytics
Fleet Tracking
Turn Analytics Into New Revenue Streams


Affordable WAN Aggregation
Limitless Data & Analytics
Remote Area Connectivity
Property-Wide Wifi Coverage


Combine 4G LTE, 3G and VSAT Connections
On-Board Payment Processing
Rock-Solid VPN
POE Support


AES-256 bit military grade encryption, FIPS 140-2 compliant and acts as a L7 Firewall
Increased Bandwidth
Traffic Steering
Seamless Failover

SharpLink Envision Logo White

Bridging the gap between digital and real-world customer experiences.

Trends of user location and behavior.
Future movements and actions.
More orders, traffic, engagement, awareness and sales.
Integrated Icon

Platform Integrated

Envision has been fully integrated into our SD-WAN and Managed Wifi infrastructure.

Predictive AI

Some may say predicting the future is magic. For us, it’s a feature. Take advantage of opportunities before they even happen. 
SharpLink Automate Icon-2


Perfectly timed digital interactions with each and every customer.

Customer Profile

Build a comprehensive profile for each customer with scalable efficiency.

Customer Engagement

Deliver the right message at the perfect time. Each customer has their own unique story and relationship with your brand.

Custom Solutions

Engage with your customers across all devices with automated business rules, custom audience segments based on unique behaviors, and so much more.

Behavior Triggering

Automate messages based on user behavior, location, and custom predictive attributes.

SDK Integration

Connect your system with ours to automate loyalty campaigns and live updates through our custom UI.


Identify patterns in customer behaviors and locations to predict when, where, and what your customers will buy from you and your competition. Our first-in-class predictive location tools allow you to reach your customers ahead of time when they might be headed to your location or a competitor’s.

Customer Look-Alike

Your customers are more alike than you think. Recognize at-risk behavior patterns and re-engage with customers who are following the path of similar users to attrition. Prevent customer churn before it’s too late using Envision Look-Alike Targeting.

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