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CorePlus Overview

Real Time Analytics (Network & Applications)

End User Experience Scores (Patent Pending)

IoT (LTE-M, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Sensors, Camera/Video)

Integrate to applications and any database (CRM, ERP, PMS)

Social Media Analytics

Marketing Platform/OPT-IN/Authentication

Follow-On (Where do customers go when they leave)

Omnichannel Integration

Device User Demographics

Network & Circuit Monitoring

Introducing: FLOW Engine

FLOW Engine is our unified platform we use as the core of your organization.

Leveraging business intelligence capabilities and Data Fusion technology, it is the perfect balance between automation and integration.

Connecting and unifying all of your apps & data in one place becomes simple with our Business Intelligence highly configurable desktop, mobile, and tablet views.

CorePlus FLOW Engine

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The FLOW Cycle

CorePlus Flow Cycle
Apps & Data (Data Sources)
FLOW Engine
Get Predictions & Insights
Build (Drag & Drop)

Inside The FLOW Engine

CorePlus FLOW Engine
Business Intelligence Tools
Automation & Machine Learning Tools
Integration Tools
SharpLink CorePlus AccessVIEW
CorePlus AccessVIEW
Unlimited Users
Customizable Views
Unlimited Integration
Single Sign On
Favorite Apps
Lightspeed Streaming
Real-time Analytics

Connect your people with the apps and data they need to optimize their workflow processes. Improve business results by bringing your business, and all the apps and data it relies on, together in one place.

  • Visualize. Automate. Optimize with Business Intelligence powered insights.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind, AccessVIEW rounds out our FLOW Engine and streamlines the process of delivering any app & data all accessible wherever you are via web or mobile.
  • Access everything with the tools you are already using, regardless of the device or platform you are on. Pictures, videos, documents, contacts, and communications.
  • They are all available right where you need them whether they are coming from your local storage or remote cloud services.
CorePlus AccessFLOW
CorePlus Tablet
CorePlus Overview
CorePlus Mobile

Our easy-to-use Business Intelligence View brings the power of Machine Learning to your data, transforming your business operations by tracking KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to your business in Real-Time.

  • Monitor. Predict. Alert with Real-Time analytics across channels and devices.
  • Effectively analyze, visualize, and turn data into AI-driven insights, while optimizing your business in real-time.
  • Instantly discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven actions.
  • Ensure faster ROI by reducing overall spend on new architectures.
  • Automate your entire data management & batch processes with zero-custom code.
  • Recognize insights and opportunities as they surface and keep pace with what’s happening in your organization.
CorePlus AI Security

Introducing: AI Driven Security

S LAYER is a proactive security management software built into the FLOW ENGINE to seamlessly integrate with all your ecosystem and give the user the superior security they need to run their business.

Unified Managed Security Services.

S LAYER Consists Of:

CorePlus S Layer

Data Fusion: Going Beyond API’s Into Limitless Integration

Data Fusion transforms data science by automating data cleansing and data model mapping. Robust and flexible data ingestion and harmonization at your fingertips.

Security + ID
Streaming & Analytics
Machine Learning
FLOW Engine